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Swank Wash

2.5L Swank Wash Shampoo Box Deal 5 x 500ml bottles

2.5L Swank Wash Shampoo Box Deal 5 x 500ml bottles

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Save £23 when buying this insane deal on 5 Swank Wash Shampoo's for only £12! This truly is the very best automotive Shampoo in the market and we have an insane deal for 2.5L for £12!


We are confident that we have formulated the most advanced & effective shampoo formula on the market in partnership with UK’s best chemical manufacturer.

 We were able to do this through multiple rounds of product revisions & feedback given from our professional mobile detailing team that was communicated back to the chemist in order to absolutely perfect the formula. 


We set out to formulate the most professional-grade shampoo that softly emulsifies & lifts dirt safely away from any coatings unclogging the microscopic molecular pores and exposing the high contact angles created by the coating that has been previously applied meaning you will once again have your high surface tension and hydrophobic water behaviour back after each maintenance wash. Our shampoo will achieve a clean reflective gloss finish. 


Swank Wash Shampoo is a PH-balanced formula containing the highest quality raw materials blended by the UK’s most talented chemists. 


Key attributes

  • Clean reflective gloss finish 

  • Formulated by the UK’s best chemists with help & feedback from the Swank Wash mobile car care consultants 

  • PH Balanced Formula 

  • Designed to work perfectly with all protective coatings & waxes ( Do not use on matt finishes ) 

  • Can be used to prepare the car for paste wax & nano-coating protection application. (Follow instructions of protection product) 

  • Dense thick & luxurious foam for an effortless glide across the paint surface.

  • Emulsifies contaminants reducing and eliminating marring while contact washing 

  • Highly lubricated drastically reducing surface tension and minimising the chance of marring

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