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Swank Wash

Swank Wash Wash and Wax

Swank Wash Wash and Wax

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Swank Wash, Wash & Wax offers a professional-grade formula with the added benefit of essential protection for that quick Swank that’s time-efficient. 


The chosen blend of engineered synthetic polymers (ESP) is formulated to break down and emulsify contaminants with ease. We added high lubricity agents to create a smooth glide when washing over the surface reducing and minimizing marring. 

Swank Wash, Wash & Wax will leave behind advanced synthetic waxes & light essential protect, the advanced synthetic wax polymers will boost the wet gloss just waxed finish & give your car an amazing appearance. 


This is our entry-level maintenance wash product that is by no means an entry-level formula. 

We understand that not everyone wants to maintenance wash to the highest professional standard or has time to apply for protection after the maintenance wash and maybe you are just looking for that amazing wash and wax you love using when cleaning your car.


 We understand the benefits of a wash & wax and why some car lovers will love having this product in the lineup because when it comes to time efficiency, ease of use and still wanting to achieve a wet gloss just waxed finish it can not be beaten.


Key attributes

  • Wet gloss just waxed appearance 

  • Synthetic Wax, Light essential protection 

  • Works with all coatings & Paint ( Do not use on matt finishes ) 

  • PH Balanced Formula  

  • Emulsifies contaminants reducing and eliminating marring while contact washing 

  • Highly lubricated drastically reducing surface tension minimising the chance of marring

  • Luxurious foam for an effortless glide across the paint surface.

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